Full Dentures

When considering new dentures it is very important to choose your denture provider carefully as your new dentures need to fit comfortably, function well and look natural. By carefully measuring your natural facial height it is possible to design dentures that give the correct support to your lips, cheeks and jaws. This avoids the ‘shrunken face’ look caused by ill-fitted dentures. We use the highest quality materials in the construction of your new dentures.

The denture teeth and acrylic we use looks natural and are very durable. You will look best when your denture teeth are a similar size and shape to your natural teeth. We order high quality denture teeth for each patient, carefully chosen to suit your facial features. Each tooth is hand placed with the aim of restoring your ideal natural smile. Some patients who believe they need new dentures can, in fact, benefit from adjustments to their existing denture. Barry will let you know what results can be achieved in your case.