Partial Dentures

Partial dentures can be fitted to the upper or lower jaw and are designed to fill the gap create by missing teeth. This will give you the confidence to smile without worrying! Partial dentures can be removed as needed.

There are a two types of partial dentures that you can consider when thinking about partial dentures. These are metal framework partial dentures and acrylic removable partial dentures.

Metal framework partial dentures

Metal framework partial dentures feature small clasps that attach onto natural teeth. This keeps them in securely in place. Slight movement in metal partial dentures can be expected even when your gums and bone tissue have time to get used to them. Metal framework dentures are thin and less bulky than the acrylic removable partial dentures, which generally makes them more comfortable.

Acrylic removable partial dentures

Some partial dentures are made almost entirely of acrylic. Acrylic dentures may have thin wire clasps that attach to any remaining natural teeth. These are generally used as a cost-effective alternative to metal-based partial dentures. They can also be used for transitional dentures when you’re expected to have additional prosthetic treatments, such as implants, in the future.